SEOHYUN, SUZY, NIEL, PARK KYUNG gearing up for solo comeback!

# K-POP 2017.01.16 View : 4968

January will be a month of exciting news of solo comebacks from the top idol groups. Girls' Generation's Seohyun, TEEN TOP's Niel, Suzy and Block B's Park Kyung are making their solo comeback.

# Niel, coming back in almost 2 years!

First of all, Niel will be releasing his 2nd solo album 'LOVE AFFAIR' today on January 16th.

# Seohyun, new start for her ten year anniversary celebration!

On January 17th, Seohyun is unveiling a solo track 'Don't Say No.'

# Suzy, coming back to music which everyone has been waiting for!

On the same day with Seohyun, Suzy is unveiling a prerelease version of her solo track 'Pretending to be Happy.' On the coming 24th, her full album will be updated.

# Park Kyung, completing his love song series!

For the first time of his life, Park Kyung is coming back with a solo album. His upcoming album 'NOTEBOOK' will be released on January 18th.

With completely different colors, these four attractive singers will be coming back. Thanks to the series of comeback news, the K-Pop world will become much more fantastic!

[Image source: JYP, SM, TOP, KQ Entertainment]


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