Here's why every company needs MANAGER KIM! [Good Manager]

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Kim Seongryong stands against those who treat their employees no better than 'items'

Before going back to his position, he gets rid of the 'inhumane' waiting room. 

The purpose of the waiting hall is to make them feel so humiliated until they decide to quit. In fact, this is not uncommon in real life.

Seongryong is not the type of person to give up. He successfully returns to the accounting department on the conditions that he will be acquitted of the sin and that they will not use the waiting hall anymore.

Come to think of it, the reason why 'Good Manager' is much loved by fans is that the drama deals with social problems quite well in an easy way. And, the main character wasn't a hero in the first place, but starts to turn into one. How he will stop the company from restructuring is highly anticipated.

[Good Manager]

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