Will Manager Kim save his coworkers from unfair dismissal? [Good Manager]

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Today, the accounting department is about to be disbanded. Will Kim Seongryong be able to save his coworkers? 

Going back to the last episode, he made sure in front of everyone that he will take care of TQ Express. He said he will come up with a revival plan. As he can't do it all by himself, his coworkers decide to help him out. They put their heads together to think of what to do.

Seo Yul who is all frustrated because of Kim Seongryong threatens him that he'd better come up with a revival plan in two weeks, otherwise the accounting department will be torn apart.

Hagyeong thanks Seongryong for coming back for them. She believes he came back because he was worried about her. But, in fact, he is back because he received one hundred million won in private by Yuseon, one of the members of board of directors.

Whatever the reason may be, he's given a mission to accomplish. Will he be able to save both TQ Express and the accounting department?

[Good Manager]

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