Want to find out more about this family? [My Father is Strange]

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KBS new drama 'My Father is Strange' will premiere on March 11

The story is about family life, focusing mainly on the Byeon family. Byeon Hansu is the father, starred by Kim Yeongcheol. Kim Haesuk will be playing the role of Na Yeongsil, the mother. The couple has four children. They are Byeon Hyeyeong, Miyeong, Rayeong and Junyeong

Ryu Suyeong and Lee Jun are also the cast of 'My Family is Strange'. How they get involved with them is highly expected!

Let's find out about how the Byeon family grow up together!

[My Father is Strange]

Showtime : Sat-Sun 21:20 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 03:50 l Sat 11:50 l Wed 11:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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