'Perfect' YEOJEONG is kind to JAEBOK for a reason! [Ms. Perfect]

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When Jaebok finds out that her husband has been cheating on her, she asks him for a divorce

Junghee goes back, and desperately asks her for forgiveness that night. Jaebok, however, tells him to go out. Unable to control her anger, she starts hitting him with the gloves on. 

Watching him alone in the rain, she starts to feel weaker. "For the first and last time, I will forgive you. You better think about our family only. This time, there's no second chance," says Jaebok.

Meanwhile, Eunhee persuades her to live with her after hearing that she's looking for a place to stay. At first, Jaebok hesitates, but she comes to think that she's got no other choice.

One night, she calls Jaebok, "Please help me pick a good curtain." Telling her she'd like to help, she visits Eunhee's house. In front of the door, she finds something shocking. What is it that takes her breath away?

'Ms. Perfect' Ko Soyoung is now starting to find the way into the hearts of working mothers in real life. Also, Cho Yeojeong who is being overly too kind to Soyoung is still very mysterious. If she's being nice to her with an intention, what would it be?

[Ms. Perfect]

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