'Perfect' JAEBOK and BONGGOO start to look into NAMI's death [Ms. Perfect]

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Mysterious Eunhee has been lying to Jaebok all the time. Jaebok and her kids are trapped in Eunhee's web!

How Eunhee knew their past from the beginning and pretended she didn't is very shocking. When she tries to keep it secret in front of Junghee, Jaebok thinks it's not necessary. She decides to tell him everything.

Jaebok is beginning to realize how scary Eunhee can be. As she decides to leave her house, Eunhee persuades her to stay. As her words don't work, she falls on the stairs in front of Jaebok and hurts herself. Because of the accident, Jaebok has to stay with her. But, again, it's all part of Eunhee's plan.

Eunhee is starting to push some pretty serious boundaries, particularly in regards to her children.  Still, Jaebok never loses her strength even when her whole world is crashing down.

And, today, Eunhee and her husband finally have a three-party encounter with Jaebok! Let's not miss out on today's episode!

[Ms. Perfect]

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