JUNYEONG gets caught dating by his scary sisters! [My Father Is Strange]

# Drama 2017.03.20 View : 3012

What would you do if your brother was so into his girlfriend while he had some important exams coming up? 

Junyeong is seeing someone without letting his family know because he is supposed to be focusing on studying for now. But, his sisters find out about this.

It's Rayeong who finds about this for the first time. She sends her other sisters a text saying what he's been doing lately. After work, they gather around to face him together.

He first denies, but as Rayeong shows him what she has, he tells the truth. He tells them they are going too far even though they are his sisters. He says it's dehumanization. Hyeyeong agrees, "That's true. We did violate your dignity. But, what about you? Don't you think you violated our parents' trust?" They say they are really disappointed in him.

Is Junyeong really giving up on the exam? What do you think?

[My Father Is Strange]

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