'Perfect' NAMI was alive! What now, EUNHEE? [Ms. Perfect]

# Drama 2017.03.22 View : 4138

Today, Jaebok and Bonggoo find out that Nami is alive!

Also, Jaebok proves that their son is Junghee's son through the paternity test. Regretting for doubting his son, Junghee decides to give up on the custody of the children. He realizes that he doesn't deserve to be a father. 

Jaebok and Junghee finally agree to sign the divorce papers. The news actually makes Eunhee so happy that she suddenly starts dancing.

What's more important today is that Nami who is supposed to be dead appears in front of Bonggoo and Jaebok. Eunhee is involved with her death. It looks like she will get into trouble. Will Nami reshape the story of 'Ms. Perfect'?

[Ms. Perfect]

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