'Perfect' EUNHEE was a child abuse victim! She needs some serious help! [Ms. Perfect]

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The inside story of Eunhee from 'Ms. Perfect' will be revealed today. 

Even when Jaebok calls her psycho, Eunhee remains calm without batting her eyelash. But, today, she ends up losing herself because of her childhood trauma

As she feels alive when she's around Junghee, her obsession over him has become completely uncontrollable. To be with him, she can do anything. She's not kind to his son anymore because she realizes that he's just an obstacle to their relationship, nothing more.

But, there's something important that we need to know about her childhood. While confronting with Jaebok, she watches a mother who is hitting her son. The scene reminds her of her past. Even before Jaebok does something, Eunhee stops the mother by yelling, "Why are you behaving like that to your own child?"

It looks like her real face is starting to get unveiled. Do we finally get to know more about her past? 

[Ms. Perfect]

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