'Mystery' Lee Wongeun is too cute to be a chief constable! [Queen of Mystery]

# Drama 2017.04.07 View : 3297

Did you all watch Lee Wongeun from yesterday's episode of 'Queen of Mystery'?

Wongeun, playing the role of Hong Juno, steals viewers' hearts every time he smiles with his eyes.

To talk a little bit about the story, on his first day at work, Seolok helps him with the case. That's how he meets her. That's how he builds trust in her. He becomes a huge fan of her great ability. He writes down every word she makes. Sometimes, he seems incoherent or childlike. 

I'm definitely sure that this drama could be a good transitioning step for him from playing mostly student characters into more grown-up roles.

Can't wait to see more of him on 'Queen of Mystery'!

[Queen of Mystery]

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