'Perfect' Psycho EUNHEE? The real villain is JUNGHEE! [Ms. Perfect]

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The real bad guy is Junghee

Now, everyone knows Eunhee was Junghee's old stalker in the past. 

After Jaebok finds out what's behind the board, her blood runs cold. She decides to notify Junghee of the truth because he knows nothing about it. She tries to stop their engagement ceremony. However, when she takes him there, there is no photo left on the board. The evidence is gone again.

Junghee and Eunhee end up getting engaged. Although he is not certain about her, he still wants to stay around her because of her wealth and power. He needs Eunhee's money to get ahead in his world.

The more we learn about Eunhee's past, the more we think that instead of seeing her punished, we would love to see Jaebok help her get well. Mental illness isn't a crime, really. As for Junghee, he wants to show Jaebok that he can be a good husband and father, yet the very next day he agrees to marry Eunhee. He doesn't even seem to like her very much, and in fact, he looks quite uncomfortable around her.

You can discover how Junghee becomes a real bad guy tonight. Get the details!

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