'Superman' Bada proves Rohui's talent for music! [The Return of Superman]

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Rohui has a genius for music!

On this week's 'The Return of Superman,' Rohui visits Bada's recording studio with her father. Celebrating her birthday, Bada suggests that they should record a special song together. 

With headphones on, Rohui starts singing her favorite song S.E.S 'Oh My Love'. Listening to her cute voice, Bada shouts with joy, "She's amazing!"

As Rohui continues singing, Bada asks her to sing louder. And, surprisingly, she does start singing louder than before. When the recording is over, Bada speaks with excitement, "I think she's a genius!" Then, Rohui copies exactly what she says, making everyone laugh.

Who's ready to listen to Rohui's adorable singing voice?

[The Return of Superman]        

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