'Happy' Yeongeun, "Song Joongki is popular for a reason!" [Happy Together]

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Actress Lee Yeongeun from 'Still Loving You' talks about Song Joongki's strong sense of duty. 

Today's 'Happy Together' stars Lee Yuri, Ryu Suyeong, Min Jinung, Lee Yeongeun, Kim Dongjun and Choi Jeongwon

During the show, Yeongeun has a chance to thank Song Joongki. They've become pretty good friends since working together for the same drama. She says, "I couldn't invite him to my wedding because he was serving the military at that time. But, he took a day off and made it to my wedding."

She continues, "He's a good friend of mine. But, now that he's so busy, we don't get to spend much time together."

Here's another reason why Song Joongki is so popular!

[Happy Together]

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