'Happy' Seol Hyun shares her diet and fitness secrets! [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2017.04.27 View : 2915

On 'Happy Together' today, Seol Hyun shares some useful tips for diet. 

Here, she mentions that her intense training helps her stay fit. She says, "I get motivated by looking at pictures of myself." 

She continues, "Before my debut as a singer, I had to make sure my weight didn't exceed the certain number. We had to write down what we had for the day. One day, I ate some chips and bread even though I wasn't allowed to. Because I didn't want to be scolded, I had to lie."

It looks like it was never easy for her to stay slim! If you want to hear some weight loss tips from Seol Hyun, don't miss out on today's show!

[Happy Together]

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