Seojun makes a wrap for Jiwon just like how couples do! [Fight For My Way]

# Drama 2017.05.08 View : 5003

The second teaser clip for 'Fight For My Way' has recently been released online.

The teaser includes the four lead characters, Park Seojun, Kim Jiwon, An Jaehong and Song Hayun. In the drama, while Jaehong and Hayun are playing a couple, Seojun and Jiwon are childhood friends whose relationship is built on their mutual love of teasing each other. They call themselves 'Crazy Fantastic Four'

Watching Jaehong willingly make a lettuce wrap for his girlfriend, both Seojun and Jiwon have a look of disgust and disbelief on their face. But, soon, Jiwon wants to compete against them. She asks Seojun for a wrap. He first says, "Are you out of your mind?", but then, he makes one big wrap for her, stuffing it into her mouth. He wants to make fun of her!

Can't wait to watch how their relationship turns romantic!


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