Attention! Check out Seojun and Jiwon in their new 'Fight For My Way' poster! [Fight For My Way]

# Drama 2017.05.10 View : 2795

A pre-look poster of the upcoming drama 'Fight For My Way' is just released today.

Seojun and Jiwon look cute together in their new couple poster for 'Fight For My Way'. As the poster says, their drama will talk about how young people live in today's society. 

What's more, 'Fight For My Way' released another teaser clip on the same day. In the teaser, Seojun, half-naked, comes out from the shower. He's startled and covers himself when he sees Jiwon at home. It looks like she knows his password! 

They are such close friends that they may look more like warring brothers and sisters. But, he knows how to stand up for his friend when she needs his help. 

Let's check it out when it starts airing!


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