Watch: PSY achieves an all-kill with 'I LUV IT' and 'New Face'!

# K-POP 2017.05.11 View : 3730

Yes, the legend is back!

'Gangnam Style' superstar, PSY, returned with a brand new album '4X2=8' today on May 11. The album, consisting of double title tracks, has 10 different songs in it. 

As soon as his two title tracks, 'I LUV IT' and 'New Face,' were released, they reached No. 1 on the music charts. 

He also released MVs for 'New Face' and 'I LUV IT' from his new album. In 'New Face,' Apink's Naeun can be seen as a special guest. Next, together with 'New Face,' 'I LUV IT' cracks 800 million views on YouTube

Watch his 'New Face' MV below!

[Image source: YG Entertainment]


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