'Father' Hyeyeong, "Why is living together before marriage a sin?" [My Father Is Strange]

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Hyeyeong's mother and father are both deeply disappointed in their daughter. 

After their live-in relationship is revealed, both of their parents become so upset that they tell them to live apart right away. 

You may wonder why their parents disagree with the idea of living together before marriage. By and large, cohabitation is not socially accepted in Korea, especially among the older generation. This is the norm in respectable middle- and upper-class Korean society.

Hyeyeong, however, still has to persuade her parents. She asks them, "Is living together before marriage that bad? Why? We're old enough to take decisions."

She tells them that things are different now. Many unmarried couples live together before getting married.

It looks like our parents' generation will take time to be cool with the concept. Well, what do you think about an unmarried couple living together?

[My Father Is Strange]

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