Yeon Woojin vs. Lee Donggun, fighting over Park Minyoung! [Queen for Seven Days]

# Drama 2017.05.16 View : 3086

As 'Queen of Mystery' is almost finishing up, a new drama is coming up!

KBS upcoming drama 'Queen for Seven Days' is about Queen Dangyeong who was on throne just for seven days because of her political rivals. They forcibly expelled her from the palace. The King, missing his queen, is said to have looked up at the mountain every single day. They spent the rest of their life longing for each other after she was ousted from the palace so suddenly.

'Queen for Seven Days,' starring Park Minyoung, Yeon Woojin, Lee Donggun and more awesome actors and actresses, has recently released a short teaser.

In the teaser, running towards Woojin, Minyoung falls down, feeling so embarrassed that she can't have her face up. Woojin, thinking about how lovely she is, comes closer to her to kiss. Suddenly, Lee Donggun comes in and tries to interrupt their moment.

This will be another great tragic love story from Joseon Dynasty!


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