'Slam' Unnies are finally ready with 'Right?' MV! [Sister's Slam Dunk]

# Entertainment 2017.05.17 View : 2513

For this week's 'Sister's Slam Dunk,' the members are busy filming their MV. And, they're finally ready with the result of their hard work!

Changing their outfits several times, they are successfully done with their MV. They have their vocal and dance teachers participate in the MV as well. 

While filming, the studio is filled with the team's passion and determination. They seem a bit awkward when they first start shooting. But, it doesn't last very long. The members, praising each other, take the best out of themselves. 

Moreover, as a surprise, Somi's parents and her lovely sister visit the studio to cheer them up. 

The MV, which is taken for 21 hours, is the result of the members' hard work. It must be a beautiful memory for not only the members, but also viewers.

[Sister's Slam Dunk]

Showtime : Fri 23:00 l Re-run Sat 05:30, 10:30


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