'Happy' Kim Minjae praises the looks of Gong Yoo, "He is too handsome!" [Happy Together]

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The cast of the drama 'The Best Hit,' Lee Deokhwa, Cha Taehyun, Yoon Siyoon, and Kim Minjae appear on 'Happy Together' to show off their humor!

Kim Minjae talks about the drama 'Goblin' in which he was supposed to kill Gong Yoo. He says, "I was supposed to be jealous and mad at him, but he was so good-looking that I kept spacing out and admiring his beauty."

He continues praising Gong Yoo by saying that it was difficult for him to shoot 'Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim' and 'Goblin' at the same time, but Gong Yoo helped him out a lot and made it easier for him.

Meanwhile, Kim Minjae also shows off his dance skills by performing the choreography of GFriend's 'Me Gustas Tu' perfectly.

[Happy Together]

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