'Superman' Seol-Su-Dae: "Don't let the shark bite you, daddy!" [The Return of Superman]

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Seola, Sua, and Daebak worried about their father who became a diver.

On the last episode of 'Superman,' Seol-Su-Dae and their father Dongguk went on a picnic to the aquarium. To give courage to the children, Dongguk jumps into the shark tank.

When Dongguk gets near a shark, the children get worried and yell out, "Don't let the shark bite you, daddy!".

When he falls into danger, they start crying and tell him not to die. When Dongguk escapes danger, the children are finally relieved.

But all this was actually a prank by Dongguk! What a great actor he is!

[The Return of Superman]

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