'Hello' A man with a serious illness blows everyone's mind! [Hello, Counselor]

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The last episode featured a man in his thirties who suffers because of his pretentious friend.

In Korea, when a guy is overly snobby and stuck-up, we say that he has a "prince illness," meaning that he has a delusion that he is a prince.

According to the protagonist, his friend often says thing like "I am a potential criminal. Women can die of heart attack if they see me." He also hits on women all the time.

When his face was shown on the screen, he asked the staff to film the right side of his face because it looks better. His ultimate goal is to seduce the trot singer Hong Jinyeong. When Choi Taejoon asked him if he could seduce Hong Jinyeong if he meets her, he answered, "She'll fall for me at once." Stunned, Taejoon gave up on asking any more questions.

When MC Jeong Chanu asked if he thinks he is better looking than Lee Hongki and Taejoon, he answered, "To be honest, I'm number 1."

He even went out with the protagonist's colleague, and she quit her job after breaking up with him. He took a colleague, who has a girlfriend, to a nightclub, and his girlfriend told him that he needs to get his mind straight.

Actress Kim Jeonghwa said that she would hate to have a guy like him around her. Singer Han Donggeun also commented, "I envy your confidence, but I am not jealous of your love life."

[Hello, Counselor]

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