'Battle' Girl's Day Yura is Special MC for 4 weeks! [Battle Trip]

# Entertainment 2017.06.23 View : 4406

Girl's Day's Yura will appear as special MC on 'Battle Trip' for 4 weeks.

Yura's delightful charms and cheerful reaction will bring a refreshing energy to 'Battle Trip.'

Yura has emerged as a rising star in the MC field as she has been quite busy in various entertainment shows ranging from beauty to eating. Yura feels "so honored" because she loves to travel and always wanted to appear on 'Battle Trip.'

In particular, Yura receives spotlight with her lively expressions while describing her unforgettable trip to Kota Kinabalu.

[Battle Trip]

Showtime: Fri 23:00 | Re-run: Sat 05:30, 10:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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