'Hello' What made Apink's Eunji lose her temper? [Hello, Counselor]

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Comedian Heo Kyung Hwan, Apink's Eunji & Bomi, and singer Park Jaejung appear on 'Hello, Counselor.'

The episode features a female employee in her twenties who suffers because of her boss. She says, "My boss wants to have get-togethers for all sorts of occasions, and makes us keep drinking even though we just can't anymore. He even calls us on holidays for a get-together. Please stop his tyranny!"

Other employees also testify that they get complaints from clients the day after their get-together because they reek of liquor. Some have to buy new clothes every month because they gain so much weight from the get-togethers. The boss however, does not understand the distress of the employees and calls it "lack of self-management and will."

The protagonist's health is being threatened. She is so sick that she's getting IVs, but her boss forces her to participate in the get-togethers claiming that alcohol cures everything. The boss defends himself saying that he was joking and it wasn't forced. Eunji says, "That's your own standard. How could others have strong will when they're in bad shape all the time?"

The boss apparently hates running. When Chanu asks him what he'd do if his boss asks him to run every day, the boss answers, "I'd have to get used to it." At this point, Eunji explodes and says, "That's exactly what abuse of power is!"

[Hello, Counselor]

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