'Zines' Jeongyeon of TWICE is queen of shopping! [We Like Zines!]

# Entertainment 2017.06.27 View : 3861

Jeongyeon of TWICE reveals her goofy daily necessities. TWICE making funny faces will make you laugh out loud!

TWICE's members appeared as guest on the first episode, and they will appear again on episode 3 to review daily products. Jeongyeon proudly shows the exotic products that she has purchased. The members are shocked because these aren't daily necessities! They are eye-shaped stickers, double eyelid glasses, bunny ears with emotion, umbrella headband and more!

Jeongyeon demonstrates the practical value of her umbrella headband by wearing it and spraying water on it.

In the teaser photos, Dahyeon and Chaeyeong are wearing eye-shaped stickers and bunny ears. The members are making funny faces, doing their best job as product reviewers.

[We Like Zines!]

Showtime : Tue 23:00 | Re-run: Tue 5:30, Wed 10:30, 18:20(Seoul, UTC+9)


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