'Fight' Kwak Siyang stars as a new character wrapped in mystery! [Fight for My Way]

# Drama 2017.06.27 View : 2984

Kwak Siyang makes his first appearance on episode 11 as "Namil." Namil Villa is the name of the flat that Dongman, Aera, Juman, and Seolhui are living, and it was named after this guy!


He will accompany the mysterious landlady Hwang Bokhui and further amplify the mystery surrounding her. Will Bokhui's identity be revealed through Namil?                     

The staff revealed that he will appear until the last episode. Who is this new guy, how is he related to Bokhui, and what kinds of episodes is his appearance going to bring to the Namil Villa?

Some netizens guess that he will form a love triangle with Dongman and Aera, or that he might be a new lover of Seolhui! There are guesses that he is Aera's birth brother. Well, we'll have to keep watching to find out his true identity! 

[Fight for My Way]

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