'School 2017' Rookies X Veterans: successful script reading! [School 2017]

# Drama 2017.06.27 View : 4554

The script reading of 'School 2017,' scheduled to premier in July, took place.

New KBS drama 'School 2017' will be broadcasted following 'Fight for My Way.' On Jule 19th, the actors, director, scriptwriters, and other drama staff attended a script reading meeting.

Director Park Jinseok said that he looks forward to the ensemble of young actors and seasoned veterans.

During the reading, Kim Sejeong, who plays Ra Eunho, interpreted a teenage girl who dreams of sweet romance with her secret crush. When she faces a crisis, she unleashes her distraught feelings. Even though it is Sejeong's first drama, she showed her competence.

Kim Junghyun, who plays Hyeon Taeun, acted a "cold outside and warm inside" personality. Jang Dong Yoon, who plays Song Daehwi, flawlessly acted a golden boy who is handsome, smart, and kind.

After the reading, the director said that the drama will feature stories different from the past series. The drama will portray the problems and issues facing schools and students in 2017. 


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