'Sketchbook' John Park pledges to wear a bikini for a week! [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

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John Park currently hosts a radio program, and he promises to wear a bikini on the program for an entire week if his program's rating reaches 5. MC Yu Huiyeol promises to try G-Dragon's outfit and bleached hairstyle if the rating for 'Sketchbook' reaches 5.

John Park says that he never plays his own songs on his radio program. When Yu Huiyeol asks him to recommend a song for 'Sketchbook,' however, John replies that he needs to promote his songs and filled the stage with this own songs.

John Park recently collaborated with the British band Mamas Gun's vocal Andy Platts. For the first time, he performs his new song "DND" on stage.

Lee Seokhoon, Eddie Kim, Choi Nakta, and John Park appear on the upcoming episode of 'Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook.'

[Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

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