'Seven' Behind-the-scenes amazing chemistry! [Queen for Seven Days]

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Take a peek at the behind-the-scenes photos of 'Queen for Seven Days'!

The press conference of 'Queen for Seven Days' recently took place. Park Minyoung, Yeon Woojin, and Lee Donggun are striking poses for the camera inside the council hall set. You can see the playfulness in their poses and facial expressions.

The staff say that Park Minyoung, Yeon Woojin, and Lee Donggun have perfect teamwork. Since it is a historical drama, the shooting takes place all over the country. It could be tough for the actors, but they care for each other more than themselves, which results in better chemistry.

Look forward to more of their chemistry in the upcoming episodes as the story unfolds like a whirlwind!

[Queen for Seven Days]

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