'Seven' Yung snatches a kiss from Chaegyeong, Yeok is shocked! [Queen for Seven Days]

# Drama 2017.06.30 View : 2628

Yung's kiss takes Chaegyeong and Yeok by surprise.

Chaegyeong receives an order to marry Yeok, but she hesitates because of the prophecy about herself.

Yeok does not fear the prophecy. He still wants to marry Chaegyeong. Chaegyeong is touched by his singleness of heart and decides to marry him.

Meanwhile, Yung realizes that he is in love with Chaegyeong as well! And he is also worried about his throne being taken by Yeok.  

Worried about Yeok's safety, Chaegyeong goes to Yung to talk to him. Chaegyeong seems to be only worried about Yeok, and this makes Yung so jealous. Next thing that happens, he snatches a kiss from her! Yeok witnesses the scene from far way. Uh-oh, how is he going to react to this?

[Queen for Seven Days]

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