'Battle' "Phuket Master" Hong Seokcheon shows us the best of Phuket! [Battle Trip]

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Hong Seokcheon and Yoon Park live in the same neighborhood. Seokcheon has been to Thailand more than 40 times! On the other hand, Yoon Park is a newbie in traveling. Together they enjoy the summer vacation in Phuket, Thailand. 

Seokcheon runs a Thai restaurant in Korea, so we can call him an expert in the field of Thai cuisine. He presents the hidden hot spots in every corner of Phuket.

The two take a cooking class for 99,000 won, where they can cook and eat luxurious traditional Thai dishes. They also buy fresh seafood from a market and take it to a restaurant to eat them. In particular, they buy horseshoe crab, which is called a "living fossil" because it's been around Earth for 440 million years. Especially since eating horseshoe crab is prohibited in Japan for species protection, the two have high expectations! Will it fulfill their anticipation?

Seokcheon and Yoon Park also try out surfing and Muay Thai. Wow, there are so many activities to do in Phuket!

The most exciting part is the "rolller ball." The person goes inside a huge balloon filled with water, and the balloon is rolled down the hill. Its spins like a laundry machine! Yoon Park has to overcome his fear of rides!

This is not the end! There are so many other activities and food they enjoy in Phuket!

Their exciting trip to Phuket, the pearl of Thailand, will be featured on the next episode of 'Battle Trip.'

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