'Superman' Seoun & Seojun enter the monkey heaven! [The Return of Superman]

# Entertainment 2017.06.30 View : 2523

Seoun and Seojun meet some naughty monkeys.

Last week, Seoun and Seojun went to Vietnam to find their aunt. On the second day of their trip, they will be exploring more of the country with Hwijae.

Seoun, Seojun, and Hwijae go to the monkey island in Cần Giờ. They seem awed by the number of monkeys flocking around them. Then something startling happens! One of the monkey steals off Seojun's hat!

Seoun and Seojun act even naughtier! They show off their special dance in front of the monkeys.

And Hwijae receives all the love from the monkeys and makes everyone laugh! What could be his charm that attracts all the monkeys?

Stay tuned for the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman'!

[The Return of Superman]

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