'Father' Hyeyeong discovers Boknyeo's fake cast! "Can't stand it anymore!" [My Father is Strange]

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The daughter-in-law and mother-in-law conflict reached its peak on the last episode.


Hyeyeon​g's mother-in-law, Boknyeo, had Hyeyeong wrapped around her finger on the pretext of her broken arm. However, Hyeyeong found out that her cast was fake through the black box video. She gathered the entire family and played the video, which shocked everyone.

It turned out that Jeonghwan knew about his mother's fake cast all along but went along with her act. Hyeyeong was so disappointed and angry. Meanwhile, Boknyeo shamelessly demanded apology from Hyeyoung and sent her ridiculous text messages, which made Hyeyeong explode in fury. Hyeyeong was furious at the audacity of Boknyeo!

Jeonghwan offered Hyeyeong to move out of his parents' house. However, Hyeyeong wasn't just angry about the conflict with her mother-and-law. She was rather mad at herself for having underestimated marriage. She regretted everything, and said "Can I just end the internship?" It is interesting to see what decision she will make in the future.

[My Father is Strange]   

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