'Two Days' Cha Taehyun plays with his fan's heart! [Two Days and One Night]

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While the members were on the boat to the island of Marado, they played a game to guess who their fans were.

Cha Taehyun confidently said, "I've already noticed my fan," and "I even know the name." Taehyun approached the males fans in the back seat and hinted that his fan would be among them. But surprisingly, he picked a woman in the front as his fan.

He had walked toward other members' fans on purpose to trick his real fan, who was a female. She couldn't hide her happy feelings when he guessed her right. Taehyun said, "It was so obvious that she's my fan." She wasn't able to hide her emotions at all, so he was able to notice really quickly.

Taehyun is a goofy guy!

[Two Days and One Night]

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