'Sketchbook' MAMAMOO's Munbyeol confesses her love for Yu Huiyeol?! [Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

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The "beagle" idol group MAMAMOO stars in 'Sketchbook' and performs a medley of their hit songs 'Piano Man,' 'You're the best,' 'Decalcomanie,' 'Um Oh Ah Yeh,' and the newly released song 'Aze Gag.' They show off their amazing vocal skills as well as their fun spirit.

The members talk about their performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards at the end of last year. Their performance became a hot issue because they changed the lyrics to famous lines from Korean movies. They still get nervous thinking back to that day.

Moonbyul says, if Yu Huiyeol had been one of the actors in the audience instead of Jung Woo Sung, she would have said to him, "Would you let me be stay by your side briefly?" which refers to the title of TOY's song written by Yu Huiyeol.

MAMAMOO has released their fifth mini-album [Purple]. They explained their album title saying, just like bright, vivid pink and deep, dark blue colors mix together to become purple, MAMAMOO wants to show everything about themselves.


[Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook]

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