'Happy' HIGHLIGHT'S Doojoon & Dongwoon and APINK's Bomi play the game of horror! [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2017.07.06 View : 2503

Doojoon and Dongwoon of HIGHLIGHT and Bomi of Apink have been helping out as guests since the last episode, and they're going to be playing the real game today!

The 'Kung Kung Ta of Horror' was a legendary entertainment show on KBS back in 2002. Kung kung ta is a word chain game where you can only use words with three syllables, creating a particular rhythm. The MCs received ridiculous penalties when they made mistakes, which were mainly what made the viewers laugh.

On this episode, the MCs embarrass themselves with their poor vocabulary. Yoo Jaesuk, who is the original member of 'Kung Kung Ta,' teases the others saying that they have poor vocabulary and makes them annoyed.

Meanwhile, KBS's comedians appear on the show to give the famous "penalties."

There's also going to be a surprise twist at the end! Stay tuned for the funniest game ever!


[Happy Together]

Showtime : Thurs 23:00 | Re-run: Fri 05:30,10:30 Sat 16:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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