'Seven' Chaegyeong opens Pandora's Box! [Queen for Seven Days]

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Chaegyeong discovers Yeok's secret room and sees what she mustn't see.

Chaegyeong and Yeok have finally tied the know after going through numerous ups and downs. Their love for each other has deepened, but the fate has gotten crueler. They have to keep doubting and lying to each other.

Chaegyeong sees blood dripping down Yeok's arm during the wedding ceremony. This hurts her feelings because it could mean that she cannot trust Yeok anymore. Something else makes Chaegyeong feel uneasy. After the wedding ceremony, Yung comes to see Chaegyeong. Then he tells her to go look around the pawnshop because it's suspicious.

Chaegyeong goes to the pawnshop, and she ends up finding Yeok's secret room there. Inside the secret room, Chaegyeong sees something that will make her heart break.

What should Chaegyeong do now?


[Queen for Seven Days]


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