'Two Days' Siyoon is left behind in the island alone with his fan! [Two Days and One Night]

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The first part of their 'working holiday' trip to Yeongwol, Ganwon-do was aired on the last episode.

The wake up mission was meeting at a designated spot early in the morning. As soon as they woke up, the members ran to the meeting place with their fans.   

The members and fans drew lots to decide which couple would get to eat black-bean-sauce noodles. Yoon Siyoon and his fan drew the winning voucher, and everybody was jealous of them.

Then the PD asked the others, "Don't you want to eat the black-bean-sauce noodles, too? You can take the boat to get out of the island and eat the noodles on the land." This meant that Yoon Siyoon was going to be left behind!

The PD added that the Chinese restaurants in Marado open after 10 a.m. Everyone else would leave the island at 9 a.m., and the two would have to wait until 10 to eat. Junyeong teased Siyoon saying that the water in Marado was cut off and he wouldn't even be able to go to the restroom. The hopeless look on Siyoon's face was priceless!

All of the cast and even the staff left the island at 9, and Siyoon and his fan were left alone with no cameras.

Later, a selfie of the two eating the noodle was revealed. 


[Two Days and One Night]

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