'Superman' William can't take his eyes off of beautiful Lee Yuri! [The Return of Superman]

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Sam and William visited the drama set of 'My Father is Strange. and met actors Ryu Suyeong, Lee Yuri, and Lee Jun.

Sam made watermelon salad and visited the drama set to surprise his friend Ryu Suyeong.

Someone started taking pictures of William and Sam without permission! It was Ryu Suyeong's partner Lee Yuri.

Lee Yuri said looking at William, "He's so cute. He's like a doll. I'm a big fan." Sam responded it's because William resembles him.

Sam let Yuri hold William while he filled the cups with watermelon salad. Even though it was his first time seeing Yuri, William seemed calm in her arms, and he could not take his eyes off of her.


[The Return of Superman]


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