'Happy' Lee Hyori: "I love my husband, but I don't want my daughter to look like him." [Happy Together]

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The queen is back! Superstar Lee Hyori has made her long-awaited comeback after 4 years and stars on today's episode of 'Happy Together' for some fun chats and games!

The original 'girl crush' Lee Hyori is back with us. She has previously said that she's been working on her mental discipline with yoga and that she's become more gentle. But when she's bombarded with the endless chatter from the members of 'Happy Together,' she regains her hot temper and starts making spicy comments about the members.

First off, Hyori gives fashion advice to the members. She especially attacks MC Yoo Jaesuk's style and advises him to try wearing off-shoulder shirts. Then she goes on to say, "Actually, the problem is his face."

Hyori also candidly talks about her marriage life with her husband Lee Sang Soon. She says she would marry Sang Soon if she was born again. How sweet!

But if they had children, she says, "I love my husband, I don't want my daughter to look like him," which makes everyone burst out in laughter. Hyori also tells how she and Sang Soon fought for the first time while shooting the guesthouse show.

'Happy Together' Lee Hyori special will be aired in two parts. The first part will be talk show that will air today. In the second part that airs next week, they'll be playing some crazy games!


[Happy Together]

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