TWICE 'KNOCK KNOCK' is 2017's most watched K-POP MV on YouTube, followed by BTS 'Not Today.'

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YouTube has announced the list of most watched K-POP music videos world-wide for 2017, and TWICE ranked #1! Check out the full TOP 10 list!

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According to the data released by YouTube, the most popular K-POP music video counted from November 26th, 2016 to June 25th, 2017 is 'KNOCK KNOCK' by TWICE. 'KNOCK KNOCK' has reached over 100 million views. TWICE's 4th album title 'SIGNAL' also ranked 6th in the chart, proving the group's popularity.

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BTS also proved remarkable! 'Not Today' and 'Spring Day' both ranked 2nd and 4th, respectively.

BIG BANG also showed their undiminished power by ranking 3rd and 7th with their songs 'FXXK IT' and 'LAST DANCE.'

'Stay With ME' by Chanyeol of EXO and Punch was the sound track for the drama 'Goblin,' and it was the only drama sound track that made it to the chart.

Can't forget the global star PSY! The double titles of his 8th album 'New Face' and 'I LUV IT' both ranked 8th and 9th.

Last but not least, GOT7's 'Never Ever' also made it to the chart at #10!

Congratulations to all the artists and their fans for this great achievement!

Most watched K-POP MVs TOP 10 (11/24/2016-6/25/2017)                      

1. KNOCK KNOCK - TWICE                                                                            

2. Not Today - BTS                                                                            

3. FXXK IT - BIG BANG                                                                            

4. Spring Day - BTS                                                                            

5. Stay With Me - Chanyeol, Punch                                                                            

6. SIGNAL - TWICE                                                                            

7. LAST DANCE - BIG BANG                                                                            

8. NEW FACE - PSY                                                                            

9. I LUV IT - PSY                                                                            

10. Never Ever - GOT7                                                                            


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