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Boy band EXO again challenges for new record with their fourth full-length album "The War".

They are scheduled to upload all tracks from the new album onto various online music services on July 18 at 6 p.m., a day ahead of its official release.

"The War" is a new start for the EXO as it reflects the group’s old and new music style. Including the title track "Ko Ko Bop", the album consists of various genres of nine songs. Expecting for great completeness of the album, famous composer Kenzie, producer-team The Underdogs, British composer-team LDN Noise, American production-team MARZ Music, singer song-writer Henry and even some members of EXO participated in album work.

They just unveiled teaser image and video led by Sehun through official homepage and every SNS,

Check it out if you want to see how they’ve changed!

[Image Source : SM Entertainment]


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