'Seven' Yung points a sword at Chaegyeong's throat! His rage is uncontrollable! [Queen for Seven Days]

# Drama 2017.07.13 View : 6393

Yung's obsession with Chaegyeong is at its peak. Is he going to hurt the woman he loves?

Yung doesn't seem to be in his right mind these days. He brutally kills his servants, and he is suspicious of his loyal servants.

Yung and Chaegyeong are facing each other in a secluded place inside the palace. She is another man's wife now, but why is she with Yung? Then suddenly, Yung takes out his sword and puts it to Chaegyeong's throat. What a breathtaking moment! Chaegyeong is shocked, scared, and sad at the same time.

What makes Yung lose his temper? Why is Yung pointing his sword at the woman he loves? Where is Yeok when his wife is in danger? Stay tuned for today's episode!


[Queen for Seven Days]

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