'Seven' Will Chaegyeong show the secret scroll to Yeok? A storm awaits! [Queen for Seven Days]

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Chaegyeong makes a sad decision. Is Yeok going to get hold of the late king's will?

The 'secret scroll' plays a critical role in 'Queen for Seven Days.' The late king left a will saying, "When Prince Jinseong (Lee Yeok) grows up, he will succeed the throne." Yung is furious about the fact that a secret scroll with this will exists. Yung is desperately trying to find and destroy this secret scroll.

On the other hand, Yeok is also struggling to find the scroll, since it will be the most powerful revenge against his brother who tried to kill him.

The whereabouts of the secret scroll was revealed. Chaegyeong was the key! The characters tattooed on Chaegyeong's back seem to be some sort of hint related to the scroll.

On tonight's episode, Chaegyeong stands with her back toward Yeok with her jacket off. Yeok can probably see the characters tattooed on her back, which means he could find out where the secret scroll is. Yeok looks surprised, and Chaegyeong's face is stained with tears.

Yeok's treachery can drive Chaegyeong and her family's fate to the brink of ruin. Her father and her aunt can lose their lives. Like the prophecy, it could cause bloodshed in the royal family as well as her family. What makes Chaegyeong show her back to Yeok despite the danger? How is this going to change the couple's destiny?

The secret scroll is going to cause a stir, and it will develop into a storm that will change the lives of Chaegyeong, Yeok and Yung completely. Their love and fate will be even more fatal.


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