'Superman' Seola-Sua-Minha are in a love triangle?! [The Return of Superman]

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On yesterday's episode, Seola and Sua had a date with their boyfriend Minha at the playground.

When Seola and Sua heard that Minha was going to arrive soon, they quickly put on Cinderella and Snow White dresses and also put on some of their mother's makeup. Daddy Dongguk was surprised to see his daughters' extreme makeover! He suggested that they should go with a natural look, and Seola and Sua took his advice.

When Minha arrived, Dongguk and Sian felt left out. The sisters tried their best to impress Minha.

Then they went out to the playground to play. Seola asked Minha to play on the swing together. Minha waited next to Seola for the swing. At that moment, Sua approached and asked Minha to go down the slide with her. Minha went with Sua for the slide.

Seola was upset and played on the swing alone. Seola shouted to Minha to push the swing for her. Minha said okay and went back to Seola. Their playground romance was going through so many twists!

The love triangle came to a halt when Dongguk and Sian appeared.

The children ate spaghetti made by Dongguk and played in the room. Seola took the chance to ask Minha, "Who do you like better?" Minha chose Seola without hesitation. Sua was shocked and was about to burst into tears.                          

Minha saw Sua who was in tears and changed his answer to Sua. He exhibited the wisdom of Solomon. He said, "Since I just said I like Seola, let's say I like Sua more this time. Then both of you will feel better." Both Seola and Sua could stay with Minha without feeling hurt!


[The Return of Superman]

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