'Superman' New family! Outsider & Jang Moon Bok! [The Return of Superman]

# Entertainment 2017.07.21 View : 6434

Rapper Outsider, his daughter, and Jang Moon Bok from 'PRODUCE 101' will appear on the upcoming episode of 'Superman'!

Outsider introduces himself as the fastest rapper in the world and a father of a 15 month old baby daughter, Shin Iroun.

In his house, an enormous turtle, two turtles that are smaller, and a dog live together. Also, there's another person with long, straight hair wearing an apron. We almost thought it was Outsider's wife... but it's Jang Moon Bok! It's his first time appearing on national network. He lives with Outsider and his family.

What could be their relationship? Can't wait to see the new baby!  


[The Return of Superman]

Showtime : Sun 18:00 | Re-run: Mon 0:50, 08:50 | Thu 02:40 l Fri 12:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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