'Two Days' Chef Sam Kim makes food for 80 people! [Two Days and One Night]

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On the upcoming episode, Chef Sam Kim helps the members to cook for the entire village.

The last story of 'Working Holiday' to Yeongwol, Gangwon Province will be aired this Sunday. The staff tells the members that there won't be a lucky or unlucky game for dinner and makes them happy. But Joonyoung senses something ominous and says, "Wait. Something's up."

The staff says, "Since you've been treated with lunch, you have to return the favor with dinner." Joonyoung was right! The members have to cook! When the members worry too much, the staff introduces someone saying that he's here to help. It's chef Sam Kim!

Defcon asks Sam if he can make 80 servings and implies that there's not much time left. Sam Kim replies that pasta works well for large quantities. He also adds that meat can't miss out on parties, so he'll also prepare steamed pork.

The members are so confused, trying to cook! Joonyoung makes a funny comment that it might be faster if Chef Sam does everything by himself. Sam agrees!

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