'Father' Miyeong tells Junghui, "I like you." [My Father is Strange]

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Miyeong confesses her feelings to Junghui while drunk.

After she realizes how she feels about Junghui, Miyeong avoids Junghui because she thinks he is her brother. When Junghui's girlfriend comes looking for Junghui, she lies to her than Junghui went outside. Miyeong feels bad and says to herself, "Are you crazy? He is my brother."

She drinks alcohol to ease her troubled mind. Then on the way home, she runs into Junghui. He has noticed that Miyeong is avoiding him, so he presses her to tell the truth saying, "Why do you keep running away and avoiding me? Answer me. You don't even know anything." Miyeong, still under influence of alcohol, says, "I like you."

Oops, she said it! Can't wait for the next episode to see how Junghui reacts to her confession!


[My Father is Strange]

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