Red Velvet JOY: "I used to put on sunscreen every night to make my skin brighter" [Hello, Counselor]

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Red Velvet's Joy and Wendy star on 'Hello, Counselor,' and Joy shares her childhood concerns about her appearance.

On the upcoming episode of 'Hello, Counselor,' Red Velvet, Jung YongHwa of CN Blue, and comedian Yang SeHyeong star as guests.

A man in his thirties shares his story. Although he is 100 percent Korean, people think he's a foreigner because of the way he looks.

Joy can relate to his feelings because she was teased as a "foreigner" when she was young because of her darker skin and well-defined features of her face. She wanted to make her skin brighter, so she made a "sunscreen mask" and applied it every night before going to bed. As a child she thought sunscreen would make her skin whiter since the color of sunscreen is white!  


[Hello, Counselor]

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